Tourists and businesses in Udaipur await night market opening for economic boost

Tourists and businesses in Udaipur await night market opening for economic boost

Late-night tourists seek food beyond city limits...

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Udaipur has emerged as a prominent tourist destination globally, attracting hundreds of thousands of domestic and international visitors each year. However, one notable drawback in the city is the limited availability of facilities during the night.

After 10:00 PM, most markets in the city tend to close, making it challenging for tourists to access various amenities. Furthermore, locating food and beverage options or shopping facilities becomes increasingly difficult after 11:00 PM. This poses a particular inconvenience for those arriving in the city at night or for enthusiasts keen on exploring the city during the nighttime.

Beauty of Udaipur may captivate tourists during the day, but the limited availability of services at night hinders the overall experience for many. Addressing this issue could significantly enhance the satisfaction of visitors and contribute to the city's appeal as a tourist destination.

Efforts to establish a night market in the city have, unfortunately, remained confined to paperwork for an extended period. The file pertaining to the night market has yet to advance beyond the realm of administrative procedures. District Collector Arvind Kumar Poswal took swift action by directing the Municipal Commissioner to promptly identify a suitable location and initiate the night market. However, despite these instructions, the market has not been able to commence operations up to the present time.

While certain tourist destinations in the city may extend their hours of operation until 10:00 PM, the city lacks the kind of night tourism development observed in cities such as Indore and Ahmedabad. This absence poses a notable contrast to the vibrant night scenes and activities that contribute to the overall allure of those cities. The unrealized potential of a night market in our city leaves room for improvement in catering to both local residents and the interests of visiting tourists.

The failure to open the night market poses a significant challenge for tourists, restricting their shopping options even as early as 11:00 PM, not to mention the scarcity of food and beverages. Visitors from Gujarat often pause in the city, either dining at highway dhabas or heading out of the city towards the highway for meals. Regrettably, many of them bypass the city altogether, proceeding towards Mount Abu without returning.

Both the business community and hotel associations in the city have persistently urged for the night market's initiation over an extended period. Representatives aligned with the Hotel Association have proposed the opening of specific locations rather than the entire city. 

Source: Rajasthan Patrika


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