Pichola Ring Road became official dumping site

Pichola Ring Road became official dumping site

Risk for public health and environment... 

Pichola Rig Road

The conversion of Pichola Ring Road into an official dumping site presents a significant risk to both public health and the environment. The irresponsible disposal of not only household waste but also construction materials and various items has led to the degradation of the road and the formation of a persistent garbage-filled pond. The efforts by the Lake Inspection Committee to address the issue underscore the urgent need for proper waste management.

In the morning, members of the Lake Inspection Committee checked the lake shores along Ring Road. When they saw piles of garbage, they quickly notified the Municipal authorities.The diverse array of dumped materials, including plastic, polythene, and cloth bedding, paints a grim picture of environmental neglect. Dr. Anil Mehta advocates for the installation of dustbins to enhance waste collection in the surrounding neighbourhoods, emphasizing the importance of community involvement.

Tej Shankar Paliwal has mentioned that, despite ongoing efforts to garner attention over the past year, Ring Road has not been successfully cleared of garbage. During the monsoon season, this refuse accumulates in the lake, contaminating its water and rendering it toxic.

Nand Kishor Sharma said that apart from removing garbage, efforts have been made to address pollution and aquatic weeds along the lakeshore. The concerns raised by Kushal Raval regarding the designated dumping yard and the practices of disposal contractors burning waste further underscore the hazardous consequences.

Durpad Singh, a lake enthusiast, and Kritika Singh, a researcher from the University of Birmingham, have said that the disposal of waste along the lakeshore and in the water poses a serious threat to public health.

It is evident that dumping is not only detrimental to the road and the lake but also poses a severe risk to the well-being of the local community and the environment at large. Urgent and comprehensive measures are needed to address this hazardous practice and protect the delicate balance of the ecosystem.


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