Udaipur: Rising concern over misuse of vehicle labeling

Udaipur: Rising concern over misuse of vehicle labeling 

Personalized government and private vehicle plates displaying titles and IDs

government vehicle labelling

There is a growing call for action to address the misuse of labels, particularly those that display titles of individuals and department identifications on private and government vehicle plates. In a letter penned by senior citizen and social worker Shantilal Mehta on Tuesday 17 October, 2023, a firm demand has been made to the District Collector for stringent measures against operators of such vehicles. Furthermore, Mehta underscores the importance of approaching such cases with seriousness while adhering to the applicable regulations.

Regarding this matter, it is a requirement as per regulations for a vehicle to display a proper number plate. Additionally, if any political slogans or symbols are displayed alongside the number plate, such vehicles may face legal consequences. The transportation department has the authority not only to levy fines but also to impound the vehicle and initiate legal proceedings in court.

It was observed that the placement of red and blue stickers on both government and private vehicles by the police is a common practice. It has been revealed that the department lacks any official documentation of this procedure, highlighting significant deficiencies and necessitating action from the District Administration.

The Election Commission has released election guidelines emphasizing fairness and tranquility. In compliance with these guidelines, measures have been initiated at several locations in Udaipur. As part of this process, individuals who had been promoting their candidates by affixing signs and distinct symbols on vehicles are now encountering calls for legal repercussions. 

Source: Dainik Bhaskar

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