Even posh localities of Udaipur are witnessing street litter

Even posh localities of Udaipur are witnessing street litter

Several types of irregularities are affecting the environment...

Garbage Dumping

Udaipur Municipal Corporation has taken steps to make the city container-free as part of the effort to create cleaner cities. However, there is still a lack of awareness among the people. In various regions, individuals continue to dispose of garbage openly. Unfortunately, neither the neighborhood committees nor the complex associations and councillors are addressing this issue.

The city claims to be Open Defecation Free (ODF) on paper, but in reality, it is not. In slum areas, people still openly defecate. Many streets and neighborhoods in the city face a problem where, after containers are removed, people throw garbage in various places at night. Because people aren't aware, they don't wait for waste collection trucks. Also, in some areas, the waste trucks move too quickly and people don't have enough time to dispose of their waste.

Several Types of Irregularities

Certain wards experience the arrival of vehicles that are old and in a deteriorated state. Some vehicles, after being filled with garbage, are not returning. People are disposing of garbage in the streets because the timing of the vehicles is not accurate. Garbage disposal is hindered due to the fast departure of vehicles. Despite repeated reminders, people remain unaware and unresponsive. Irregularities in garbage collection.

Ward councillors have pointed out that in numerous locations, a considerable amount of garbage falls off while loading the tempo. Despite the garbage falling onto the roads, the workers neglect to pick it up. Even after multiple reminders, they encounter resistance from the workers at times.

In the 70 wards of the city, 78 tempos are involved in garbage collection at various times. The introduction of tempos has resulted in the removal of containers from all areas. As a consequence, people have begun disposing of their garbage directly at the designated container points. However, in numerous locations, there are still piles of garbage in the streets and neighborhoods. The presence of these piles, if noted during surveys, undoubtedly impacts the city's ranking. This situation is more prevalent in the posh areas of the city. Currently, the Municipal Corporation is actively monitoring the situation within the city.

Source: Rajasthan Patrika

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