Udaipur receives showers: Vallabhnagar Dam water level rises by 12 feet

Udaipur receives showers: Vallabhnagar Dam water level rises by 12 feet

Water from Fateh Sagar-Swaroop Sagar is being efficiently directed to Udai Sagar

Fatehsagar lake waterfall

Udaipur, known for its picturesque lakes and scenic beauty, has been enveloped in a thick layer of clouds since the morning, creating a mystical ambiance across the city. The day started with a gentle drizzle, which brought relief from the scorching heat and added to the monsoon charm. The local residents welcomed this change in weather as it indicated the onset of the much-awaited rainy season. According to the Meteorological Department's forecast, Udaipur city is expected to experience rainfall starting today, signaling the official arrival of the monsoon. This news has been received with enthusiasm by the people, who have been eagerly awaiting the rains to provide respite from the sweltering heat and humid conditions.

Over the past 24 hours, various locations in the Udaipur district have already received significant rainfall. The rainfall measurements reported were 21 mm at Sei Dam, 12 mm in Jaisamand, 14 mm in Nai village, and 7 mm in Udaipur itself. This early rainfall has brought a sense of hope and relief to the region, as it will help replenish water resources and support agricultural activities. Speaking of water resources, the past few days have been marked by extremely high humidity levels in Udaipur city, making life uncomfortable for the residents. The humidity has been recorded at a staggering 95%, causing discomfort and making it difficult for people to carry out their daily routines.

On the brighter side, the inflow of water into the reservoirs has continued consistently. Notably, water from Fateh Sagar-Swaroop Sagar is being efficiently directed to Udai Sagar. To regulate the water flow further, an open gate system is being utilized to dam the water and channel it to Vallabhnagar. This management has resulted in a significant rise in the water level at the Vallabhnagar dam, which has a considerable capacity of nineteen and a half feet. The water level has already increased by more than 12 feet, indicating improved water storage for future use.

As the rain continues to pour and the reservoirs fill up, the city of Udaipur is preparing to embrace the monsoon season wholeheartedly. The lush greenery and brimming lakes that will follow the rainfall will not only enhance the city's natural beauty but also provide relief to the people from the oppressive humidity they have been enduring. Farmers, in particular, are eagerly looking forward to the rains, as they will rejuvenate their fields and enable agricultural activities to thrive once again.

These reservoirs have overflowed

  • Swaroop Sagar (Udaipur)
  • Fateh Sagar (Udaipur)
  • Udai Sagar (Udaipur)
  • Dewas Stage I
  • Chawand (Salumbar)
  • Sabarmati (Kotra)
  • Jogiwar (Kotra)
  • Jhadol (Jhadol)
  • Maddi Dam
  • Buj ka Naka Dam(Gogunda)

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