Udaipur: Ropeway and Fish Aquarium witness 40% surge in tourists footfall

Udaipur: Ropeway and Fish Aquarium witness 40% surge in tourists footfall 

A number of tourists arrived at these two destinations in just two days...

Discount on Tourists Places

Ticket discount on voting worked 

In an effort to achieve a hundred percent voter turnout in the Assembly Elections, the Administration and Tourism Department took a groundbreaking initiative. This initiative bore fruit swiftly, resulting in a remarkable 40% increase in tourist visits to both the Karni Mata Ropeway and Under The Sun Fish Aquarium within just two days.

Prior to the elections, the Administration and Tourism Department made a noteworthy announcement. They declared that individuals who cast their votes and presented their inked fingers as proof would be entitled to receive discounts on tickets for the Karni Mata Ropeway and the Fateh Sagar Fish Aquarium.

As part of the initiative, individuals who showed their inked fingers between November 25 and November 27 were eligible for a 40% discount on tickets to the Fish Aquarium and a 20% discount on the Ropeway at Dudh Talai.

The impact has been remarkable

Within just two days, 4000 tourists flocked to the Ropeway, a substantial increase from the daily average of 1400 visitors. Similarly, at the aquarium, the daily average of 500 to 600 visitors surged to 1400 in just two days. While the majority of these visitors were city residents, a noteworthy portion comprised individuals employed or engaged in business in other cities or states.

Some Prominent Hotels Offered 50% Discount On Food

In certain well-known city hotels, discounts of up to 50% on the food bill were extended. To avail of this offer, customers simply had to upload a photo on social media, showcasing their inked finger and tagging the hotel. Shikha Saxena, the Deputy Director of the Tourism Department, noted a positive response to this initiative aimed at boosting voter turnout. In the upcoming elections, additional tourist destinations will be incorporated into this program.

This incentive served as a creative approach to encourage civic participation while simultaneously promoting local tourist attractions. The strategy aimed not only to enhance voter engagement but also to boost tourism, showcasing a harmonious integration of civic responsibility and recreational activities.

Source: Dainik Bhaskar

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