Udaipur: October sees arrival of 1.69 Lakh tourists

Udaipur: October sees arrival of 1.69 Lakh tourists 

More tourists are expected in coming December month...


In October, the inaugural month of the tourist season, witnessed the arrival of 1.69 lakh tourists, marking an increase of 8,000 compared to September. However, this figure falls short by 39,600 in comparison to October of the preceding year, which recorded 2.08 lakh arrivals. Notably, post the COVID era, there was a groundbreaking surge in tourist arrivals, shattering previous records.

The positive trend extends to the first ten months of 2023, where the tourist numbers have already reached the levels observed throughout 2022. Surpassing the total of 15.24 lakh tourists from the previous year, the current count stands at over 15.9 lakh arrivals, showcasing a promising recovery in tourism.

As per the Tourism Department's report, October witnessed the arrival of 1,54,640 domestic tourists and 14,535 international visitors. In comparison, September recorded figures of 1,53,870 and 8,701 for domestic and foreign tourists, respectively. This indicates a notable increase not only in domestic tourism but also in the number of international visitors.

According to hoteliers, Diwali marks a substantial influx of tourists from Gujarat. Presently, hotels and resorts boast an impressive 70% booking rate, with expectations of this figure rising by 10 to 15%. To further attract visitors, the industry has introduced various packages. While businesses express concerns about a potential decrease in tourist numbers due to election restrictions and World Cup cricket matches in Gujarat, expectations remain optimistic as the figures are anticipated to surpass last year's.

The growth in Udaipur's tourist numbers is attributed to its robust brand value, the increasing popularity of new tourism products such as e-bike caravans, and the increasing allure of natural hotspots. The festive season, adorned with decorations and special lighting, is proving to be a significant attraction for tourists. - Shikha Saxena, Deputy Director of Tourism Department 

According to insiders in the tourism industry, there's a consensus that Udaipur is poised to break new records this year, particularly with the onset of the Diwali festival in November. Anticipating an influx over the next week, tourists from states such as Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, and more are expected to visit. Subsequently, a significant rise in tourist footfall is predicted during the weekends.

Coming December, the surge continues with an expected rush of visitors not only during all weekends but also for celebrations like Christmas, New Year, and 31st Night. During these two months alone, the arrival of more than 3 lakh tourists is anticipated which will contribute to a projected annual total ranging between 18 to 19 Lakhs. 

Source: Rajasthan Patrika

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