Udaipur Municipal Corporation Removed Shakti Nagar Bottleneck

Udaipur Municipal Corporation Removed Shakti Nagar Bottleneck 

Commencement of Demolition Work...

shaktinagar bottleneck

To alleviate traffic congestion and improve accessibility, the Udaipur Municipal Corporation has embarked on a campaign to eliminate bottlenecks within the city. This follows a successful drive to clear encroachments from public spaces. The campaign gained momentum after the Udaipur Development Authority successfully removed bottlenecks in the Fatehpura area. This prompted the municipal corporation to extend similar efforts to other congested areas.

Focus on Shakti Nagar to Surajpole Bottleneck

One of the primary targets of the ongoing campaign is the bottleneck connecting Shakti Nagar to Surajpole. The municipal corporation has taken proactive measures, including the demolition of a shop in Shakti Nagar obstructing the passage.

Property owners around the bottleneck have been directed to vacate their premises within 24 hours. This directive aims to facilitate the smooth progress of the bottleneck removal process and ensure timely completion of the project.

Resolution of Longstanding Debate

The initiative to address the bottleneck issue comes after years of debate regarding the connectivity between the municipal corporation road and Shakti Nagar. By initiating this work, the municipal corporation aims to resolve this longstanding issue and enhance traffic flow in the area.

Commencement of Demolition Work

The municipal team has already commenced the process of demolishing the obstructing shop, marking the beginning of efforts to open up the bottleneck and improve connectivity in the city.


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