Shiv Colony's 14-year old encroachment faces UI​T's warning

Shiv Colony's 14-year old encroachment faces UI​T's warning

Illegal encroachment blocking road opening towards the main road

Illegal encroachment

Preparations are currently underway to address an illegal encroachment that has persisted for 14 years on the main road connecting the Ramapura intersection to Sisarma. Residents, including Kanhaiyalal, have alleged that this encroachment effectively blocks access to the road at one end of Shiv Colony, where a 30-foot pathway has been obstructed. The encroachment consists of a 15-foot by 15-foot iron cabin, along with a pile of bricks behind it. This situation has severely disrupted the direct access of Shiv Colony's residents to the main road.

The initial complaint regarding this issue was lodged on January 14, 2009. Subsequently, the Collector and other relevant authorities were informed about this matter on eight separate occasions at different times.

In 2013, as part of the Administration's campaign to clear encroachments in urban areas, the Collector issued an order to remove encroachments in response to court orders. It is important to note that the accused had filed a lawsuit on July 17, 2002, claiming ownership of the specific plot in question. However, this case was dismissed on December 3, 2007. Surprisingly, no further action had been taken since that dismissal.

Tehsildar Ranjeet Singh Bittu, the revenue officer, has issued a notice to the accused, instructing them to appear on October 10, 2023. This notice follows a survey conducted by the Urban Improvement Trust (UIT) on October 3,2023, during which encroachments were identified. The surveyor has reported that the land in question belongs to UIT. The course of action will be determined after the authorities receive a response to the notice.

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