Smart City Project Faces Backlash for Malfunctioning Lights and Poor Quality Materials

Smart City Project Faces Backlash for Malfunctioning Lights and Poor Quality Materials

Municipal Corporation alerts Smart City officials

smart city project

More than 200 LED lights are missing

Residents of Udaipur express frustration over ongoing issues with the Smart City project, particularly regarding malfunctioning LED lights and low quality  materials used during underground cabling. The project, aimed at modernizing infrastructure, has encountered numerous setbacks, prompting public outcry and demands for action.

LED Lights Disappear

In the city's inner wards, LED lights on poles have vanished during the Smart City project. Also, street panels often have problems, causing power outages because of burnt copper coils. Repairs take a long time, making residents even more frustrated.

Low Quality Materials Used in Underground Cabling

Local councilors raise concerns about low quality materials utilized in the underground cabling process. Different firms tasked with pole removal and underground cabling allegedly employ low-quality materials due to inadequate monitoring, compromising the project's integrity and functionality.

Frequent Problems in Affected Areas

Residents report frequent problems in several areas, notably Chandpol, Naga Nagri, Maldas Street, Badabazar, Rao Ji Ka Hata, Ghantaghar, and Moti Chohatta. LED panels installed by the Smart City project repeatedly malfunction, resulting in lights going out multiple times per month, affecting daily life and safety in these neighborhoods.

Before pole removal, the municipal corporation had installed LED lights ranging from 15 to 70 watts on poles across the wards. However, most of these lights have vanished along with the poles, necessitating the procurement of new lights for replacement. Municipal officials note a shortage of approximately 200 to 250 lights, further complicating the project's progress. Officials highlight discrepancies in pole heights, with new poles installed at lower levels than previous ones.

The Smart City project in Udaipur faces significant challenges due to missing LED lights, malfunctioning panels, and the use of poor quality materials. Residents demand swift action and accountability from authorities to address these issues and ensure the project's success in enhancing urban infrastructure and services.

Source: Rajasthan Patrika

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