Udaipur soon to be "dumping-yard-free" city!!

Udaipur soon to be "dumping-yard-free" city!!

Bio-mining to clear Udaipur off the garbage
Udaipur soon to be "dumping-yard-free" city!!

-Udaipur has 2 dumping grounds at present-Titardi and Baleecha.

-The dumping ground at Titardi is 40 years old.

Udaipur will soon become a dumping-yard-free city. The city is using full-fledged waste segregation system since years. To keep Udaipur clean, Udaipur Municipal Corporation has started bio-mining to remove thousands of tonnes of waste generated from the city. Now that sounds great as the Lake City must be known for its cleanliness drive as well, a drive that is a much needed move for any city or state or nation.

The officials of Udaipur Municipal Corporation (UMC ) said that 100 percent garbage is collected from 62 out of 70 wards in the city in segregated manner. The garbage used to be initially dumped in Titardi which is 40 year old dumping yard which was shut down but waste still lies here. This will be taken care of by UMC soon. Baleecha dumping ground was allotted after Titardi was shut down in 2010.

The UMC said that they had first decided to reclaim the land which was under garbage by capping the garbage under the soil scientifically. This was done on 12,000 sq.mtr. land. A garden was developed on the remaining land which is around 20,000 sq.mtrs. A material recovery facility plant was established here where the dry waste is segregated in 18 categories and wet waste is converted into fertiliser. Any unused waste is sent to the cement factories.

Bio-mining is done in 2 phases in Baleecha dumping yard. It may be noted that capping of garbage is forbidden by the NGT, hence bio-mining is the best option. A construction demolition plant was also established at the Baleecha yard. It has also been informed that bio-methane plant under smart city project will be established by January’21. As per reports, Udaipur is ahead of Pink City Jaipur in full-fledged waste segregation system.

All these efforts will certainly make Udaipur free of the dumping yards, hence creating a better environment for Udaipur. 

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