Udaipur's streets and locality histories will be inscribed on stone tablets

Udaipur's streets and locality histories will be inscribed on stone tablets

Prominent historians gathered at the Municipal Corporation to engage in deep discussions about the rich history of the city...


Under the leadership of Municipal Corporation Mayor Govind Singh Tak, a significant initiative was undertaken in Udaipur. Prominent historians gathered at the Municipal Corporation to engage in deep discussions about the rich history of the city. As a result of these deliberations, it was unanimously decided to meticulously document the history of each street and locality within the city. This historical information will be inscribed on durable stone tablets, preserving the heritage for future generations. 

Municipal Corporation Deputy Mayor and Health Committee Chairman, Paras Singhvi, expressed that Friday marked a significant milestone for the city's culture and heritage. Led by Mayor Govind Singh Tank, a gathering of eminent historians from the city engaged in profound discussions on how to effectively convey the richness of the city's culture, art, and history to both tourists and future generations. The objective was to find ways to inform and educate visitors and the youth about the city's cultural heritage.

The meeting witnessed the esteemed presence of various distinguished individuals, including former Union Minister Girija Vyas, Historian Dr. Dev Kothari, Udaipur Rural MLA Phool Singh Meena, Dr. Vivek Bhatnagar, Dr. Mahavir Prasad Jain, Dr. Rajendra Nath Purohit, Dr. Manish Shrimali, Hemendra Chowdhary, Madan Mohan Tank, Madhusudan Pandya, and Professor Meena. In addition, retired RAS, and former Municipal Corporation Commissioner Dinesh Kothari, former Chairman Yudhishthir Kumawat, Chairman of Heritage Committee Madan Dave, Councilor Mahesh Trivedi, and Chandraprakash Suhalka were among those who shared their valuable insights and views during the meeting.

In the meeting with the historians, a collective decision was reached to create a comprehensive action plan in the form of a map. The aim was to provide the upcoming generation and tourists visiting Udaipur with easy access to detailed information about the names and historical significance of each street and locality in the city. This initiative is intended to offer a user-friendly and informative guide to Udaipur's rich heritage and history. 

Former Union Minister and senior leader Girija Vyas proposed the formation of a sub-committee comprising historians and individuals associated with this field. The purpose of this committee would be to oversee the implementation of the historical project. Girija emphasized the significant importance of Udaipur's history and stressed the necessity of forming the committee to ensure accuracy and precision in the project's execution. Mayor Govind Singh Tank seconded Girija Vyas's suggestion and extended his support for the committee's establishment. 

During the meeting, a comprehensive discussion took place regarding the nomenclature of various roads and crossroads within Udaipur city. The decision was reached to name these roads and crossroads after individuals who, despite being forgotten in history, made significant contributions to the construction and development of Udaipur. The aim of this naming initiative is to honor and commemorate those unsung heroes.

Mayor Govind Singh Tak expressed profound sadness, highlighting the alarming extent to which we have tampered with our history, particularly concerning expansion. He passionately emphasized the significance of preserving our historical heritage, as it is the very foundation of our identity, defined by the majestic mansions, buildings, and roads constructed by our ancestors. Mayor Tak asserted that failing to protect and cherish this rich legacy would be an unforgivable betrayal to future generations. He further emphasized the exceptional value given to culture in the history of Udaipur. The names such as Chetak Circle, Gawri Chowk, Shiksha Bhavan, and Lok Kala Mandal Chouraha reflect how our history has been intricately intertwined with the essence of culture and art. Mayor Tak's words resonated deeply with the historians, compelling them to recommit themselves to the preservation and celebration of Udaipur's cultural heritage for the prosperity and reverence of generations to come.

Municipal Corporation Deputy Mayor and Health Committee Chairman, Paras Singhvi, wholeheartedly assured the gathered historians that they would take definitive steps to gather detailed information about the nomenclature of all localities in Udaipur. They planned to achieve this by commissioning inscriptions, ensuring that the history behind each name would be preserved and made accessible to future generations and tourists alike.

Singhvi expressed a strong commitment to safeguarding the historical significance of numerous localities in the city that are currently at risk of fading into oblivion. Their goal was to designate these locales as invaluable heritage sites, granting them a renewed sense of identity and significance.He emphasized that this endeavor would stand as the most crucial undertaking of the present board, highlighting their dedication to preserving Udaipur's rich history and cultural heritage. The assurance resonated deeply with the historians, instilling confidence in a collective effort to cherish and protect the city's legacy for posterity.


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