Udaipur Struggles to Maintain Cleanliness Standards

Udaipur Struggles to Maintain Cleanliness Standards

Indore sets example in cleanliness...

Udaipur Cleanliness

Indore, the economic capital of Madhya Pradesh, has emerged as a shining example of cleanliness, earning the prestigious title of the cleanest city in India in 2017. The city's success story in maintaining cleanliness contrasts sharply with the challenges faced by Udaipur, known as the city of lakes, in Rajasthan.

In Udaipur, where tourism plays a significant role in its economy, cleanliness and beauty are crucial factors. However, despite the city's natural allure, Udaipur has been struggling to maintain cleanliness standards. According to cleanliness rankings, Udaipur slipped from the 122nd position in 2022 to 206th in 2023.

The difference in cleanliness between the two cities can be attributed to the proactive measures taken by the administration and the collective efforts of the citizens in Indore. Since 2016, Indore has implemented a robust waste disposal system, including separate collection of household waste and segregation of wet and dry waste. Moreover, significant initiatives such as the construction of toilets and urinals and the 100% processing of waste have contributed to Indore's cleanliness success.

Citizens of Indore, along with elected representatives, social organizations, businesses, and municipal sanitation workers and officials, have actively participated in these cleanliness initiatives, turning them into a cultural norm. The visible impact of these efforts underscores the importance of community involvement in maintaining cleanliness standards.

While Indore's exemplary approach to cleanliness has garnered national recognition, it serves as a model for other cities striving to achieve similar success. In contrast, Udaipur's decline in cleanliness rankings highlights the urgent need for concerted efforts and effective strategies to address cleanliness challenges and preserve the city's natural beauty.

Previous Years Ranking of Udaipur

Year Ranking
2023 206
2022 122
2021 119
2020 54
2019 137
2018 85
2017 310

Source: Rajasthan Patrika

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