Trio of students invents ' Smart Dustbin' with sensor in Udaipur

Trio of students invents ' Smart Dustbin' with sensor in Udaipur

Dustin will itself share its location with the authority by sending a message 

Smart Dustbin in Udaipur

Udaipur, 09.03.23- As our country is growing day by day in terms of population the garbage produce is also pilling up with it. The public dustbins are over flowing and no one is even bothered to either clean them up or to inform the concern department.

Seeing the ever growing problem of garbage the  a trio students of College of Technology and Engineering (CTAE) has invented a Smart Dustbin. This smart dustbin is equipped with few sensors and it will inform the concern department once the a public dustbin kept in any locality will get overflow.

As soon as the dustbin get overflow than the device installed in it will send a message to the department that a particular dustbin is getting over flow and needed to be emptied.

Dr. Navneet Agerwal Associate Professor Department of Electronic and Communication Engineering MPUAT told that the a trio of final year students of Engineering has developed a IOT based sensor commonly known as Smart Dustbin, this project is funded by Central Government (New Chain Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Center ) , under this project the every year they get an aide of Rs. 50 lakhs and the primary motive of that aide is to develop some useful items for common masses. 

We often see that the public dustbins kept out the colonies and localities get overflow with garbage and at many time the authority cannot clean them at right time as they do not get its information on time. To cope up with this issue the students has came up with the project and under which if the dustbin will get filled up to a particular limit than the sensor installed in it will send a message about it containing the GPS location and the Unique number of that bin to the authority immediately and the bins can be attended on time, said Agerwal

Talking further about the project  Dr. Agerwal said that the fundamental principal of the dustbin is sensor based in which an in house  IOT sensor is used there are one master control and three are other clients can further control it but initially these dustbins has been installed at a distance of 1 kilometer away from the college at different locations and it is being operated through the master dustbin. The signals reaches to these client dustbin through an Antenna and when ever the garbage reaches above the specific limit than we will get in information on our laptops. 

He said that this pilot project is being developed by Priyanka Pandey, Suryaveer Singh and Aditya Kumawat all students of final year Engineering and it took 5 to 6 months of them complete the project. We have already applied for getting its patent and later it will taken further towards its commercial use.

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