Udaipur to receive Bandicoot machines for manholes cleaning

Udaipur to receive Bandicoot machines for manholes cleaning 

These machines are developed by Genrobotics, a startup from Kerala

Manhole machine bandicoot

As part of the Rajasthan Urban Infrastructure Development Project (RUIDP), the Udaipur Municipal Corporation has received two robots namely Bandicoot machines. These robots can effectively clean sewerage lines that are 25 feet deep. The department has provided Bandicoot machines to various Municipal Bodies across the state.

Bandicoot, the innovative robot designed to tackle the dirty job of cleaning manholes. Developed by Genrobotics, a startup from Kerala, India, Bandicoot features a drone unit with spider-like legs that can securely grip the sides of a manhole. This nifty robot can efficiently pull out waste, eliminating the need for humans to enter hazardous and potentially toxic manholes. 

How Bandicoot Machine Works?
How Bandicoot Machine Works?

In the initial phase, the Municipal Corporation was scheduled to receive robots according to the Municipal Code. Surprisingly, even though the robots reached Udaipur, they haven't been handed over to the corporation yet. In contrast, the nearby Rajsamand and Nathdwara received their robots two days ago. There is a chance of Udaipur getting them in three days. Municipal sources mention that RUIDP transported the machines to Udaipur, but currently, the location of the robots remains unknown.

The cost of these robots is approximately Rs 39 lakh. The decision to purchase these robots was made during the previous Congress government's term. In Rajasthan, a total of 10 Municipal Corporations have each received two of these advanced robots, enhancing the efficiency and safety of sewerage maintenance.  

Originally starting in Kerala, Genrobotics has gained popularity and now has orders to supply Bandicoots to 18 different states in India. The success doesn't stop there – Bandicoot is also making its way to international markets, with exports to countries like Malaysia underway.

Workers often face the risk of losing their lives while cleaning sewage tanks in Udaipur and several other districts of the state. The Old City area near the shores of Pichola Lake in Udaipur frequently experiences sewage overflow issues, leading to complaints about the mess. In such a scenario, this machine will prove to be effective for Udaipur.

Source: Dainik Bhaskar


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