Sajjangarh Sanctuary and Biological Park to Enhance Biodiversity and Facilities

Sajjangarh Sanctuary and Biological Park to Enhance Biodiversity and Facilities

Udaipur: Tourism Development Initiatives Discussed in Key Meeting

Tourism Development Udaipur Meeting

The Zoo Development Trust convened a meeting chaired by Regional Commissioner Rajendra Bhatt and attended by District Collector Arvind Poswal at the mini-auditorium of the regional commissioner's office. The meeting primarily focused on enhancing tourism-related initiatives and developing a comprehensive action plan.

Key Points

  • Annual Action Plan:  The meeting stressed the inclusion of representatives from various tourism-related units in future meetings.
  • Tourism Potential: Secretary and Deputy Forest Conservator D.K. Tiwari highlighted the income report from Sajjangarh Sanctuary and Biological Park. Regional Commissioner Bhatt discussed the potential of Udaipur as a favoured tourist destination due to its natural and historical significance.
  • Promotion and Publicity: Participants emphasized the need for extensive promotion, especially for key attractions like Sajjangarh Sanctuary, the Butterfly Garden, Bird Park, and the upcoming Crocodile Park in Bagdara.
  • Facilities Enhancement: Special attention was drawn to improving tourist facilities at these sites to enhance visitor experiences.
  • It was decided to register the Animal Development Trust as per regulations and schedule another meeting on May 25, 2024 to develop a detailed action plan. Attendance of all trust members and representatives from tourism-related organizations was emphasized.

The meeting concluded with a clear directive towards proactive measures for tourism development, underscoring the significance of collaboration and strategic planning in maximizing the region's tourism potential.

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