Rural and Eco Tourism are the paradigm shifts to Tourism in Udaipur

Rural and Eco Tourism are the paradigm shifts to Tourism in Udaipur

Intertwining tourism with the rural environment, tribal culture, and natural beauty

Rayta Hills Udaipur
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District Tourism Development Committee meeting

District Collector Tarachand Meena emphasized that while Udaipur has undoubtedly thrived in terms of tourism, its true potential remains untapped in benefiting the rural population. He emphasized the crucial need for intertwining tourism with the rural environment, tribal culture, and natural beauty to unlock Udaipur's full prosperity. By ensuring that the people in rural areas also reap the rewards of tourism, it is possible to enhance their standard of living and truly illuminate the city's fortune.

District Collector Tarachand Meena presided over the meeting of the District Tourism Development Committee at the Collectorate Auditorium on Wednesday 12 July, 2023  evening. He emphasized the importance of integrating the unique characteristics of rural areas to extend the duration of tourist’s stays in Udaipur. To achieve this, he proposed incorporating elements such as tribal environment and culture, picturesque rivers and verdant mountains, as well as the presence of rare medicinal plants and the recently established Sitaphal Excellence Center and Mango Excellence Center. Furthermore, he discussed the idea of presenting proposals for establishing Shilp Grams in rural areas like Jhadol-Phalasiya and Jaisamand, similar to the existing Shilpgram located in the district headquarters.

Aadi Mahotsav will be celebrated on Birsa Munda Jayanti

During the meeting, District Collector Meena expressed satisfaction with the success of the Aadi Mahotsav organized in Kotra last year, which received praise from various quarters. In light of this, he proposed celebrating Aadi Mahotsav in Udaipur every year on November 15, 2023 coinciding with Birsa Munda Jayanti. He also urged the state government to consider including Aadi Mahotsav in the annual calendar of the tourism department, and a positive decision is expected soon. Furthermore, District Collector Meena emphasized the significance of establishing a heritage walkway in the city. He specifically directed the officers from the Municipal Corporation, UIT, and Tourism Department to promptly create an action plan for this initiative and ensure its successful implementation.

During the discussion on tourism development, District Superintendent of Police Bhuvan Bhushan Yadav provided valuable suggestions regarding security standards. He also highlighted the immense potential for eco-tourism in Udaipur. Yadav recommended marking locations suitable for mountain trekking and adventure activities, as well as ensuring the availability of competent guides. These measures, he suggested, could yield positive outcomes. The Deputy Director of the Tourism Department then presented a summary of the previous meeting's proceedings.

The meeting was attended by Municipal Commissioner Vasudev Malavat, Conservator of Forests (Wildlife) Arun Kumar from the Forest Department, Deputy Director of Tourism Department Shikha Saxena, and several departmental officers. Representatives from the Hotel Association, including Rajendra Singh Rathod, Rakesh Chaudhary, Subhash Singh, UB Srivastava, and members of the Tourist Guide Association, such as Narayan Salvi, were also present in the meeting.

During the meeting, proposals were put forward to address the requirements for tourism development. These included plans for road expansion, the installation of appealing signboards at tourist centers, and the establishment of tourism reception centers at bus stands, railway stations, and airports. It was decided to seek approval for these proposals from the appropriate authorities. Additionally, it was proposed to dispatch and display information about major tourist attractions in Udaipur at bus stands, railway stations, and other relevant locations. 

To address the issue of vehicle washing in Pichola, it was recommended to adopt measures akin to the existing chain setup at Gangaur Ghat. This involved placing a chain at Lal Ghat to discourage such activities. In order to curb arbitrary fare collection from tourists, it was proposed to prominently display fare rates in collaboration with the auto-rickshaw union. Additionally, cooperation with the hotel association was suggested to facilitate the operation of e-rickshaws within the city. Furthermore, it was decided to expedite the reopening of the closed musical fountain in Doodh Talai, ensuring its prompt restoration and functionality.


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