Traffic Management: Udaipur Takes Steps to Improve Traffic System

Traffic Management: Udaipur Takes Steps to Improve Traffic System

Udaipur aims to mitigate its traffic challenges and ensure smoother mobility for residents and visitors alike

Traffic Jam in Udaipur

Udaipur: In response to the worsening traffic conditions in Udaipur, authorities have launched a series of initiatives aimed at enhancing the city's traffic management. The city has some traffic rules in place, but others still need to be enforced.

Traffic Inspection and Increased Personnel

SP recently conducted inspections across various routes and intersections, providing important directives for improvement. Additionally, there has been a surge in the deployment of traffic personnel to address the pressing issues. Recognizing haphazard parking as a primary contributor to traffic congestion, Traffic Deputy Netrpal Singh led a vigorous campaign to eliminate unauthorized parking in various areas. 

  • Request for Essential Equipment: Highlighting the city's expanding needs, authorities have written to the Collector seeking additional resources, including a crane and a loading auto, to increase traffic management efforts. 
  • Improvements in Traffic Signal System: Plans are underway to repair and optimize traffic lights at all intersections. Traffic police will initially oversee the system, ensuring compliance with signal timers to streamline traffic flow and enforce regulations rigorously.

  • Addressing Specific Traffic Challenges: Efforts are being made to tackle specific traffic bottlenecks, such as the congestion issue at Delhi Gate, caused by the convergence of multiple roads. Authorities are actively considering viable solutions to alleviate the problem.

  • Installation of Fancy Dividers: In a bid to enhance road aesthetics and organization, the installation of decorative dividers has started in key areas of the city, including Surajpol Gulab Bagh Road and Shastri Circle Gurudwara vicinity.

  • Marking Roads with White and Yellow Stripes: To enhance road visibility and safety, Udaipur Municipal Corporation has been urged to mark road edges with white stripes and intersections with zebra lines. These markings will soon be implemented across major routes and junctions.

  • Relocation of Transformer for Smooth Traffic: Responding to concerns over a transformer causing obstruction to traffic flow in Mali Colony, authorities have requested the electricity board to relocate the equipment to a more suitable location.

Source: Rajasthan Patrika 

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