Udaipur: Voting will begin at 7:00 AM on Saturday

Udaipur: Voting will begin at 7:00 AM on Saturday

Various departmental officers have actively participated in training activities...

Shailesh Surana

The last training session and deployment of polling teams for the upcoming General Assembly Elections 2023 are scheduled for November 25,2023. All preparations have been finalized at the Mohanlal Sukhadia University Arts College campus, overseen by District Election Officer Arvind Kumar Poswal Under the direction of Assistant District Election Officer Shailesh Surana, various departmental officers have actively participated in training activities at the preparation site throughout the day.

On Friday, Mr. Surana, the Assistant District Election Officer, outlined that the training for polling teams would be conducted in two phases. The first phase is scheduled to commence at 7:00 AM, focusing on delivering final training to the polling personnel in the constituencies of Jhadol, Gogunda, Kherwara, and Salumbar within the assembly area. 

Following this, the deployment of polling teams is set to begin at 10:00 AM. In the subsequent phase, commencing at 11:00 AM, designated personnel will receive training for the elections in the constituencies of Mavli, Vallabhnagar, Udaipur Rural, and Udaipur City areas.

In providing details, Assistant District Election Officer Shaillesh Surana disclosed that Kherwara boasts the highest voter count at 297,606, whereas Udaipur City has the lowest with 246,369 voters. The district comprises a total of 1,074,130 female voters, while male voters amount to 1,111,110. Notably, there are also 24 transgender voters in the district. 

Within the Gogunda constituency, the voter count stands at 264,791, with 135,554 males, 129,236 females, and one transgender voter. In Jhadol, out of the total 273,484 voters, 140,571 are male, 132,909 are female, and there are four transgender voters. Moving to Kherwara, there's a total of 297,606 voters, encompassing 151,711 males, 145,894 females, and one transgender voter. 

In Udaipur Rural, the voter count totals 285,172, with 144,055 males, 141,108 females, and 9 transgender individuals. Shifting to Udaipur City, the total voter number is 246,369, encompassing 123,786 males, 122,582 females, and one transgender voter. Mavli shows a voter count of 257,997, featuring 130,507 males, 127,485 females, and 5 transgender voters. In Vallabhnagar, there are 264,696 voters, including 134,661 males, 130,033 females, and two transgender voters. Lastly, the Salumbar constituency has a total of 295,149 voters, with 150,265 males, 144,883 females, and one transgender voter. 

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