Udaipur: Water Level Increased in Pichola by 2 Inches

Udaipur: Water Level Increased in Pichola by 2 Inches

Water Supply Decreased water Levels in Alsigarh and Madri Dam...

Udaipur Pichola Lake

To address the rising demand for drinking water amidst the scorching summer heat, authorities have intensified efforts to increase water supply to Pichola Lake. The inflow from Alsigarh and Madari dam into Pichola Lake continued on Thursday, March 28,2024. 

Within a span of just 24 hours, the water level at Pichola Lake witnessed a notable increase of 2 inches, increasing to 6.8 feet. It is anticipated that the lake will reach its maximum capacity of 8 feet soon. Following this, the excess water will be diverted to Fatehsagar Lake, contributing to the overall water management strategy. However, amidst the efforts to replenish Pichola Lake, concerns have surfaced regarding the declining water levels in Alsigarh and Madari Dams. 

The water level in Madri dam has decreased from 24 to 16 feet, while Alsigarh has witnessed a decline from 21 to 17 feet. Such alarming reductions in water levels have raised concerns about the possibility of both dams running dry within the span of a week.

With an eye on proactive measures to address the impending water scarcity, authorities have disclosed that the combined water volume in both dams currently stands at 102 MCFT (Million Cubic Feet). However, during the process of transferring water to the lake, an estimated 30% loss due to evaporation is anticipated.

Subsequently, approximately 65 MCFT of water is expected to be channeled into Pichola Lake. This will decrease city's drinking water supply for approximately one and a half months, offering a temporary reprieve amidst the mounting concerns over water scarcity. If the situation worsen, plans are to direct water from Akodara.

Source: Dainik Bhaskar

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