Udaipur's bus stand gears up for the city's inaugural night food market

Udaipur's bus stand gears up for the city's inaugural night food market

Approximately 40,000 travellers will benefit from this night market

Bus Stand Udaipur

Udaipur will soon start its inaugural night food market. The Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation (Roadways) is set to establish this market spanning an area of 8,000 square feet, located at the Central Bus Stand in Udaipur. This culinary venture will not only cater to the daily needs of approximately 40,000 travelers but will also function as an attractive dining destination for tourists in the vicinity of the bus stand and the nearby railway station. With a total of 24 dining options available, this venture aims to enhance the city's culinary and tourism offerings.

This new addition to the city will be unveiled at the start of the upcoming year. The market will be established as a temporary venture. It is expected to contribute significantly to the Roadways, generating a monthly revenue of 3,11,000 rupees. At this stage, the exact number of food and beverage stalls or shops within the 8,000 square feet area has not been finalized. The development of these facilities will be carried out at the discretion of the contracting firm, allowing for flexibility and adaptability in catering to the needs of the city and its visitors.

Each day, the Roadways depot facilitates the operation of approximately 300 buses, accommodating around 14,000 passengers. Furthermore, in the vicinity, more than 100 private buses are also in operation. Meanwhile, the city station experiences a continuous influx of over 26,000 passengers throughout the day and night.

Reason for Night Food Market

According to experts, the growing influx of tourists in the city underscores the necessity for an additional night food market. This demand arises from the fact that, since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, the city has been welcoming an unprecedented number of more than 1.25 lakh tourists each month. However, after 10:00 PM, these visitors encounter challenges in locating places to dine or rejuvenate, as food stalls around Sukhadiya Circle, Bombay Market, and Town Hall shut down. Even in these areas, there exists a compelling need for markets that can provide refreshments to tourists throughout the night.

In June, the Tourism Department wrote letters to both the Corporation and UIT now UDA concerning the night market. The proposed plan included food market in various locations, ranging from UIT Pulia to Fathpura Police Chowki, encompassing the Handicraft Market, extending from Sukhadiya Circle to the entrance of St. Mary's School, and spanning Saheliyon Ki Bari, the old railway line at Udaipol, and the Shopping Market of the Municipal Corporation. Additionally, the recommendations featured the installation of folding kiosks for a fashion market outside Guru Govind Singh School and Rain Basera.

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