Udaipur's MB Hospital enhances communication with walkie-talkies

Udaipur's MB Hospital enhances communication with walkie-talkies

Officials to stay in contact via walkie-talkie

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Officials at Maharana Bhupal Hospital will now use walkie-talkies to stay connected and manage arrangements. This implementation aims to facilitate swift assistance in case of any issues within the hospital, ensuring immediate support is readily available. Chief Doctor Dr. R.L. Suman has announced the recent acquisition of 10 walkie-talkies that will be designated for upper management tasks. These walkie-talkies will facilitate communication among key personnel, including the principal, superintendent, nursing director, super specialty, pediatrics, trauma, casualty medical officers, and the CEO, among others, in various situations. This communication tool operates through a wireless network, ensuring connectivity even in challenging locations such as basements, garages, or remote areas.

These walkie-talkies have been strategically deployed to ensure effective and seamless connectivity in critical areas, notably the basement and garage. This strategic placement will greatly facilitate communication among hospital staff, ensuring swift and efficient coordination in these vital areas.

In a hospital setting, walkie-talkies serve as essential communication tools during emergencies or any other incidents, ensuring that individuals can swiftly reach out to each other. This rapid communication greatly enhances the hospital's overall efficiency by facilitating prompt assistance when needed. Additionally, to enhance convenience for patients and their caregivers, the hospital had also implemented a system where barcodes were placed on the walls, addressing their needs and concerns more effectively.

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