UIT demolished illegal cottages construction on agricultural land within Eco-Sensitive Zone

UIT demolished illegal cottages construction on agricultural land within Eco-Sensitive Zone

Despite giving notices the construction work was ongoing...

Eco Sensitive Zone

In a recent development, five cottages, each comprising 12 rooms, were constructed on agricultural land within the eco-sensitive zone of the nearby Badi village. Shockingly, these constructions were carried out without proper land conversion and official approval. Furthermore, the construction work interfered with a natural drain in the area, as a bridge was built over it. Despite receiving prior notices, the construction work continued unabated. However, on Sunday 27 August, 2023 morning, the Urban Improvement Trust (UIT) took decisive action. A team from UIT, accompanied by JCB machines, demolished the entire unauthorized construction. Additionally, the team identified and confiscated three other illegal houses that had been built in close proximity to the area.

This incident sheds light on the importance of adhering to regulations and obtaining the necessary approvals before embarking on construction projects, particularly in ecologically sensitive zones. The swift action taken by UIT serves as a reminder that violations of such regulations will not be tolerated.

It has come to light that within this tract of land, a natural drain was originally present. However, this drain had not been recorded in the revenue documentation. Consequently, the owner took the initiative to construct a bridge over the drain, incorporating small pipes to facilitate water flow.

Upon investigation by UIT, it was uncovered that the natural drain had been obstructed within the agricultural land. Disturbingly, the owner had also proceeded to construct five cottages, each consisting of 12 rooms, along with an accompanying swimming pool, as part of a farm house lease. Alarming as it is, these constructions were executed without obtaining the necessary approvals and conversions. Moreover, it has emerged that the extent of land allocated for the farm house lease was insufficient. UIT had issued a notice to halt the construction work a span of two months prior. Unfortunately, the work continued unchecked despite the notice. 

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