Udaipur Municipal Corporation halts work in UDA zone

Udaipur Municipal Corporation halts work in UDA zone

Majority of the city areas falls under UDA...


On January 15, 2024, Mayor GS Tank wrote a letter to the Engineering Wing, saying that the Municipal Corporation should not do any construction work in the Udaipur Development Authority (UDA) area. The office message instructed everyone to follow this. Simply put, it means that the Municipal Corporation in Udaipur will not do construction work in the Udaipur Development Authority's area anymore. 

The Engineering Wing has been said to make sure that any new work idea should not be in the UDA (Udaipur Development Authority) area. But, Udaipur city is mostly in the UDA area. This might cause problems for developing the city. 

Earlier, the Municipal Corporation also gave such orders, but they were canceled shortly afterward. The problem is that some areas are in the UDA (Udaipur Development Authority), but the local leaders belong to the Municipal Corporation. So, these orders didn't work well. The leaders were not happy with these orders initially. As a result, despite the previous orders, the Municipal Corporation continued to do work in those areas. 

In Udaipur city, some areas, like Wards 63, 64, 65, 68, and others, along with neighborhoods such as Mali Colony, Mallatalai, Fatahpura, Sahelion Ki Bari, are part of the Udaipur Development Authority (UDA) zone. However, the Municipal Corporation is supposed to handle development work in these places. The problem arises because the Municipal Corporation doesn't operate there, making it tough for the local councilors who represent those areas. 

Three days ago, during a meeting, UDA Chairman and Regional Commissioner Rajendra Bhatt quickly canceled the contract of a contractor responsible for inadequate cleanliness in colonies under UDA control. They called the contractor said them to end the contract immediately, and directed to ensure proper cleanliness arrangements at the UDA level. 

After that, Bhatt asked the officials to handle the cleanliness in the UDA area themselves and asked them to invite bids for it. He also said that if, despite giving Rs 4 Crore to the Municipal Corporation, we still see garbage burning and scattered on the roads, then all of it is pointless. 

It is important to mention that the Municipal Corporation hired a contractor for keeping the colonies in the UDA area clean. The UDA was paying the contractor based on the certification provided by the Municipal Corporation. 

Source: Dainik Bhaskar

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