Municipal Corporation Halts Unauthorized Tube Well Digging in Udaipur City

Municipal Corporation Halts Unauthorized Tube Well Digging in Udaipur City

Unauthorized digging of a tube well at Govardhan Vilas, Udaipur...

Govardhan Vilas
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In a recent incident in Udaipur city, the Municipal Corporation took swift action to halt the unauthorized digging of a tube well within city limits. The incident occurred at Govardhan Vilas area, where the Municipal Corporation team intervened to cease the work. Upon receiving information about the unauthorized activity, Revenue Officer Neetish Bhatnagar promptly arrived at the scene, located towards the outskirts of the Downtown Hotel. At that point, three pipes had already been removed as part of the tube well digging process. 

The motivation behind the tube well digging was reportedly the lack of water inside the Downtown Hotel. However, the unauthorized activity posed a public nuisance, prompting the Municipal Corporation to take swift action to maintain order and prevent further disruptions in the Govardhan Vilas area.

In response to the situation, the Municipal Corporation team, along with personnel from the Govardhan Vilas police station and home guards, reached the spot. The municipal team successfully stopped the operation of the boring machine and confiscated the equipment involved in the illicit tube well digging.

Bhatnagar clarified that not only was the work immediately halted, but the operator was also strictly prohibited from continuing the tube well digging on the road. The decision was made in consideration of the inconvenience caused to pedestrians and the gathering crowd due to the ongoing work.

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