Unraveling the Mystery of Train Coach Colored Stripes

Unraveling the Mystery of Train Coach Colored Stripes

The Railways employed symbols to communicate crucial information about the train coaches to passengers


Indian Railways consistently aim to enhance passenger convenience during journeys. Each day, countless travellers rely on Indian Railways for their trips. Have you ever noticed why train coaches frequently showcase different colors and their implications? You have likely noticed the diverse-colored stripes adorning train coaches.

Yet, it is fascinating to note that numerous people are unaware of specific subtle details painted on the train coaches. It is significant to understand that the colors on the coaches are deliberate and hold particular meanings, rather than being selected randomly. In the past, a significant proportion of India's population lacked literacy. To tackle this issue, the Railways employed symbols to communicate crucial information about the train coaches to passengers.

Diagonal yellow stripes on coaches


When the train arrives at the station, many passengers frequently find it challenging to locate the general compartment, but the stripes serve as a clear indicator, making it easier for them to identify the general coach. Situated at the back of the car within the ICF coach, it signifies a general unreserved compartment. At times, coaches may feature white or light blue stripes to indicate they are unreserved general class coaches. You can distinguish between them simply by observing the stripes; the coach on the left is a sleeper coach, while the one on the right is a general coach.

ICF Coaches


This color code is standard for ICF coaches across Sleeper Class, AC First Class, AC 3 Tier Sleeper, AC 2 Tier Sleeper, AC Chair Car, Non-Class Chair Car, and ICF Style second class coaches.

 You might have observed that the majority of trains feature blue coaches,signaling that they are ICF coaches. This indicates that their speeds fall between 70 to 140 kilometers per hour. These coaches are found in Mail Express or Superfast trains. In ICF air-conditioned (AC) trains, you will see coaches painted red, similar to those on Rajdhani Express trains. Economy class trains use green coaches. Simultaneously, brown coaches are utilized in meter gauge trains.

Indian Railways also allocates particular coaches for women, identified by grey stripes on a grey background. Moreover, first-class coaches are identified by red stripes against a grey background. You might have observed that white or yellow stripes are painted above the final window of the blue ICF coach, indicating its category. White stripes denote a General Coach, while yellow stripes are employed on coaches designated for disabled and ill passengers.

Source - News18

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