Vaccinated people are mild carriers of infection

Vaccinated people are mild carriers of infection

Do not let your guard down after vaccination. Keep your mask on.
Vaccinated people are mild carriers of infection

It takes almost 2 weeks post vaccination to develop antibodies in the blood. 

The virus causes infection in the nose, hence social distancing and mask are a must.

No one ever said that vaccinated people do not catch covid infection.

Messages are being constantly flashed over social media and other news media about the importance of vaccination and the norms to be followed strictly. The major point is that vaccination prevents against serious illness but a person can still get infected once he or she lets his guard down.

Doctors have been alerting people to wear their masks and maintain social distancing even post vaccination. But there is a majority who thinks otherwise. For them masks are a barrier in conversation and they are under the wrong impression that vaccination has given them a 100 percent protection shield.

Vaccinated People are basically Mild Carriers or Asymptomatic Carriers

Inoculated people can still pass on infection to others as they become mild or asymptomatic carriers. When these people bring down their guard, they are very likely to get infected though it may not be severe, and they can infect many others recreating the corona chain bringing in disaster.

Social distancing and wearing mask have to be on top priority in the list of every citizen. Doctors have been telling people that vaccination creates antibodies in blood which take around 2 weeks to develop, but the infection enters the body via nose. The only prevention is through mask which when goes for a toss brings irreparable loss.

Vaccination prevents a person from being severely infected. The 1st dose prevents infection to the extent of 50 to 60 percent whereas after the 2nd dose it prevents by almost 95 percent from being severely infected.

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