Breaking News : Children's prank could have resulted in a major disaster for Udaipur Vande Bharat train

Breaking News : Children's prank could have resulted in a major disaster for Udaipur Vande Bharat train

Two children , aged 10 & 12 had placed the stones, iron rods on the tracks as a prank

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Udaipur,02.10.23 : The incident that came to forth as an attempt to derail the semi super-fast train ‘Vande Bharat’ was foiled after on Monday was found to be an act of innocence.

Panic gripped the Gangrar area of Chittorgarh district after the Loco Pilot of the newly launched 'Vande Bharat' train spotted few stones and metal rods on the railway track on Monday.

He raised an alarm and stopped the train immediately. Soon senior officials of the railway department reached to the spot to take the stock of the situation.

Speaking on the incident ,Jayesh Champawat, divisional railway user consultative committee member, Ajmer division said, “ This is not merely a nuisance by the wrong doers but an attempt to create a conspiracy. It could be a big mishap. Someone wants to disturb the peace and harmony. Vande Bharat is a big facility for the people of Udaipur and Jaipur. I request the railway minister, Railway administration and the Railway to take strict action against the culprit so that such incidents will not occur in future.”

However the train remained stationed at Gangrar area of Chittorgarh after the incident for around 10 minutes but later it again headed towards Jaipur.

Deputy Sp ( Circle Inspector Gangrar) Shrawan Kumar said " We have got the incident at around 10 am following which i along with my team rushed to the scene and started the investigation of the matter. A case has been registered at the Gangrar police station of the district and its being investigated by me. We have questioned tens of villagers and suspects in relation to the matter so far. Five teams were constituted by me to investigate the matter thoroughly. Apart from that the police is also scanning the CCTV cameras installed in the area and is also taking help of the BTS location to get the mobile locations and other relevant details". 

 But during the investigation it was found that it was not an act of crime or a conspiracy to cause sabotage to the train.

 Deputy Sp Shrawan Kumar who was investigating the matter informed that the during the investigation it was found to be the act of two kids ageing between 10 to 12 years. He said that it was not at all a conspiracy but it was just an act of innocence. The kids in thier questioning said that father of one of them was working in the fields located nearby the railway track, he asked his son to bring something from the grocery shop. When his son went to the grocery shop along with one of his friend, they saw an iron rod, one of the two kids made a plan to put it on the railway track on which the Vande Bharat train was about to pass. They along with the rods also picked up few stones and put them on the track.

Both the kids were fascinated from the newly launched VB train and want to see it from close. Few minutes later the train reached there and stopped. Both the kids who were hiding there behind the bushes saw the train from close and went away, it was not found to be a conspiracy or anyone's intention to cause damage to the VB train,said Deputy SP, Shrawan Kumar.

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