Various corona symptoms-Be alert if you notice any kind of ailment

Various corona symptoms-Be alert if you notice any kind of ailment

Not just one, but there are many symptoms which indicate you could be corona positive.
Various corona symptoms-Be alert if you notice any kind of ailment
Do not fear-Just be alert and consult your doctor if your ailment prolongs or if you face anything unusual in health.

Covid19 is still spreading. The most difficult point is that corona symptoms are changing and there is not just one or the pre-specified symptom but many. Every nation is trying to find the symptoms of corona, and each one has given different corona symptoms. Earlier it was being alerted that cold and cough must be taken seriously as these are the symptoms of corona. It is getting difficult for even WHO to assess the symptoms as every now and then new symptoms are coming up. Let us take at these symptoms which have been found till date:

1-Cold and cough-Initially corona was identified through of cough and cold, running nose and fever. It was discovered that corona positive patients suffer from fever, dry cough and constant running nose. Some time later it was discovered that there is more to the symptoms than just this.

2-Loss of smell and taste- Corona attacks nerve cells, the nerve cells die and then the infected person loses his sense of smell and taste. This research was pointed out by UK wherein patients lost their sense of smell. They could not smell perfume, or food or anything else. While eating, they lost the taste of food and couldn't identify the taste with closed eyes. Even South Korea, China and Italy and then Germany, too, reported of these symptoms which are called as anosmia. As per medical experts, corona attacks the olfactory nerve cells and the cells stop sending messages to the brain. This eventually kills the sense of smell. Similarly lingual nerve is also attacked and the sense of taste diminishes.

3-Nausea- As per a report, 3 percent of the infected people faced diarrhoea whereas 5 percent complained of nausea. Some people also faced digestion issues. In USA, 1/3rd of the polupation suffered from corona but half did not show any symptoms and some faced uncommon symptoms like body aches and uneasyness. As per Center for Diease Control and Prevention, symptoms of nausea, uneasiness, dizziness if faced with dry or chapped lips, breathing issues and pain in the chest must be dealt with seriously and doctors must be consulted immediately. Shivering and muscle pain can also be the symptoms of covid19. Headaches and dizziness must also be dealt with immediate attention as these have also been identified as symptoms of corona.

4-The "no-symptom stage"- This is the most hazardous stage of covid19. This spreads from people who have recovered from corona and until now 1541 such cases have come up where it is difficult to make out as to who is infected and who is not.

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