Viral Video of MG Hector being towed by Donkey in Udaipur | MG Hector Clarifies action

Viral Video of MG Hector being towed by Donkey in Udaipur | MG Hector Clarifies action

Car owner termed MG Hector as a Donkey Car and advised not to buy the SUV from Morris Garage
Viral Video of MG Hector being towed by Donkey in Udaipur | MG Hector Clarifies action
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MG Hector refutes allegations, files complaint

MG Car Owner says that the dealer was rude and not coopeerative

MG Hector is turning red in the face, what with one of the UK Brands' car owners in Udaipur, sharing a video of the car being towed by a Donkey.

In an incident that happened on 3 December, a MG Hector car owner (name witheld) took out his frustration on the company's Udaipur outlet in a unique manner, causing embarrasment for the UK car brand, which works on the "Customer First" motto.  The vdieo of the car being pulled by a donkey near the car dealers showroom in Madri Industrial Area (MADRI) at Udaipur has gone viral and garnered almost 3 lakh views.

"I was told by the company dealer that the clutch plate was damaged due to the car being driven on a lower gear for a longer distance.  I was also told that it is not the company's responsibility to have this issue solved.  Also, the company will not take responsibility for any mishap that might happen" - MG Car Owner

As per the video, the Hector car owner was seen complaining on the dealers attitude towards treating and corrected a recently bought brand new Hector SUV.  However, the banners that were placed around the car took a shot at the cars performance rather.  The car was covered with slogans like "It's a Animal Thing", "Donkey Car" and one in Hindi, saying "MG Hector खरीद कर अपनी जान जोखिम में न डालें", meaning "Don't put your life at risk by buying a MG Hector".

The car owner, seems to have faced certain issues with the car machinery and complained that the clutch plate was malfucntioning. He alleged that when he took the vehicle to the dealers repair center, he was not treated well and even threatened.  The dealer refused to correct the problem, saying that the drivers driving habits created the issue.  The car owner also got the video recorded by Zee News.

Subsequent to being shooed away by the dealer, the car owner took to this unique display of agitation.  He had his car covered with flex banners with negative slogans and even got a Donkey to tow the car.

"We have also initiated appropriate action with relevant authorities as the customer continues to hamper the brand's highly held reputation" - MG Hector

MG Hector, however, on receiving the information from one of the MG Vector Owners FB Group, said that the company was concerned about this issue as it was damaging the cars brand name.  MG, in their facebook message said that they had approached the customer and offered to repair the damage, but the customer was adamant on bringing a bad name to the UK brand.  MG Hector has sold 13,000 cars since its launch in India in June 2019 and 30,000 orders are in the pipeline. MG said that despite resolving all the issues, the customer has vested interests and is purposely damaging the brand name.

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