New ‘Voter Queue Management System’ App Launched for 2024 Lok Sabha Elections

New ‘Voter Queue Management System’ App Launched for 2024 Lok Sabha Elections

The app was launched by Udaipur’s District Collector Arvind Kumar Poswal...

District Collector

Efforts are underway to enhance convenience for voters ahead of the 2024 Lok Sabha general elections, with both the Election Commission of India and the Rajasthan Election Department actively involved in the process. Now, voters have the opportunity to check the queue status at their respective polling centers from the comfort of their homes during the voting process. This innovation aims to reduce waiting times and ensure smoother voting experiences.

In a significant move towards this goal, the IT department has collaborated to launch a specialized web application known as the ‘Voter Queue Management System.’  This user-friendly app was unveiled on April 18,2024 by District Election Officer and District Collector Arvind Poswal, in the presence of key stakeholders including prominent social media influencers representing the Udaipur Assembly constituency.

This helpful service will be offered to voters at about 300 polling centers, covering both the city and rural areas of Udaipur parliamentary constituency. Booth level officers (BLOs) are learning how to use it.

District Election Officer Poswal emphasized the significance of this app, highlighting its potential to significantly assist voters. Through the app, voters can easily access real-time information regarding the queue status at their designated polling booths. Collector said social media influencers to actively participate in spreading awareness about this innovative tool, aiming to reach as many voters as possible.

Dr. Mazhar Hussain, Senior Technical Director of NIC, outlined the details of the pilot project.

  • The web application link for the Voter Queue Management System is
  •  Clicking on the link opens a web page.
  • Voters are required to click on "Check Queue Status at Booth" on the web page.
  • After selecting their respective assembly constituency, voters receive information about the number of voters in the queue at the polling center.
  • The crowd situation at the polling center will be updated regularly on the web application by the Booth Level Officers (BLO).

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