Water Contamination Woes Persist in City of Lakes

Water Contamination Woes Persist in City of Lakes

Despite the efforts of residents and interventions by regulatory bodies, the problem continues with no solution in sight...

Udaipur Lakes Pollution

Residents of the city of lakes continue to face the issue of contaminated water supply, with concerns escalating over waterborne diseases. The problem has been particularly pronounced in the Chandpol area, where complaints about contaminated water have been ongoing.

Pollution Control Board's Intervention

Responding to complaints, a team from the Pollution Control Board took action on April 6,2024, by collecting water samples during the supply. This step was taken amidst growing dissatisfaction among residents regarding the quality of water being supplied.

Smart City Project Implications

The issue gains further significance as it intersects with the Smart City project, particularly in the Chandpol area. Residents report experiencing foul-smelling and discolored water, raising alarm bells about the health implications of the contaminated supply.

Complaints to Smart City Officials

Residents have not hesitated to voice their grievances, with complaints also directed towards Smart City project officials. The community has expressed frustration over the lack of action taken to address the deteriorating water quality.

Lack of Resolution

Despite the efforts of concerned residents and interventions by regulatory bodies, the problem persists with no visible resolution in sight. Even with the installation of a new filter plant in Machla Magra, residents assert that the supply of murky water renders it ineffective.

Hope for Remedial Measures

In the face of mounting challenges, residents cling to hope that decisive action will be taken by Smart City officials and district administration to rectify the situation. Their concerns underscore the urgent need for comprehensive measures to ensure safe and clean water for all residents.

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