Jakham Dam to quench Jaisamand Lake's thirst

Jakham Dam to quench Jaisamand Lake's thirst

Water transfer plan unveiled

Jaisamand Lake

A new plan has been created to refill the Jaisamand Lake, which has now become a part of the newly established Salumber district, to quench the thirst of Udaipur. This plan entails refilling Jaisamand Lake by diverting water from the Jakham Dam in Pratapgarh. To facilitate this, a 105-kilometer-long canal will be constructed, complete with a tunnel. The transportation of water will rely on gravity. The Department of Water Resources has developed a proposal for this project and has submitted it to the government.

The Jakham Dam boasts a capacity exceeding 4,500 acre-feet. In case of overflow, surplus water is directed to the Kadana Dam, which further channels it towards Gujarat. Presently, the Jaisamand Lake, with a filling capacity of 14,400 acre-feet, holds 22.3 feet of water, although its total capacity stands at 27 feet. Back in the 1980s, a reserve of 525 acre-feet from the lake was allocated for the city's drinking water supply.

The district administrator of Salumber, Engineer Hemant Pandya, has reported that a proposal, including a Detailed Project Report (DPR) and necessary approvals, has been submitted to the government. Once approval is secured, the project will progress. The plan involves not only diverting excess water to the dam via this canal but also includes water storage measures.

The city presently receives a daily water supply of 23 MLD (Million Liters per Day) from Jaisamand. The Public Health Engineering Department (PHED) is currently in the process of installing new pipeline infrastructure to enhance this supply. However, the project has encountered challenges and opposition, leading to two temporary halts in its progress since commencement. Upon the successful installation of the new pipeline, the city's daily water intake is expected to increase to 41 MLD.

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