Water hyacinth in Udaipur lakes

Water hyacinth in Udaipur lakes

The lakes must be freed of sewerage to put an end to the growth of water hyacinth.
Water hyacinth in Udaipur lakes

-Water hyacinth has posed to be an immense trouble for the lakes in Udaipur.

-It tends to decrease water levels, is harmful for aquatic creatures, can block the water pipelines and hinder with the passage of boats.

Water hyacinth has proved to be quite problematic for the lakes in Udaipur. Despite the fact that quite a good amount of money has been spent on clearing the lakes, this water plant commonly referred to as jalkumbhi has been spreading in the lakes. It may be noted that water hyacinth decreases water level in the water bodies, it is very dangerous for the aquatic creatures and for the other plants in water as sunlight cannot penetrate through the water once this plant forms a cover over the water.

The lakes still have water hyacinth and this needs to be taken care of at war-footing. In the past 6 years, the de-weeding machines were set to clear the lakes from this jalkumbhi, but it is still present in various parts of the lakes of Udaipur. A lot of water hyacinth was taken out in the past and a trenching ground in Balicha was used for dumping the hyacinth. But the major concern still stands as to why the lakes still have this jalkumbhi and when will this be cleared for ever.

It may be noted that grass carp fish was also used as this fish eats away the plants to a great extent, but the issue that was highlighted is that until and unless we stop the sewerage from falling in to the lakes, the problem of water hyacinth cannot be tackled.  We need to have more of grass carp fish and also make sure that no wastage falls into the lakes. The expense on grass carp fish is comparatively much less than that of the usage of de-weeding machines and the labour charges.

The lakes of Udaipur are a source of drinking water for the city. If the jalkumbhi keeps spreading, there are all the possibilities that we will gradually lose our lakes and the beauty of the city and the lives of people will be at stake. One small bit of this plant is enough for spreading it all over the lake. In the past, people have also lost their lives as this water plant strangles so strongly that it is difficult for anyone to escape.

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