Water in Udaipur Lakes can last upto 2022

Water in Udaipur Lakes can last upto 2022

Monsoons have been good this year and the lakes will be able to retain water until almost one year from now. 
Water in Udaipur Lakes can last upto 2022

-Though the water consumption is still the same as that during summers, yet there will be no scarcity next year.

-The lakes were full much before the receding of monsoons due to good rainfall in catchment areas. 

Udaipur was blessed with a good monsoon season this 2020. The lakes overflowed before the receding of monsoons and, as per news, the water in the lakes is likely to last up to February 2022.

Though the temperatures are dropping, yet the consumption of water is still the same as what it is in summer season. Blame it on covid, people need to wash hands many times, be extremely careful with washing of fruits and vegetables, and that is why the similarity in records of consumption. The point of relief is that the lakes of Udaipur have abundant water and the water resource department has expressed all possibilities of no shortage of water supply till February 2022. But this does not mean that water must be wasted. We still need to be careful and use water sensibly as we do not know if the monsoon next year will be as good as this year.

The dams providing water to the lakes are full; hence there will not be any issue with supply of drinking water. Jaisamand Lake has enough water to suffice for more than 2 years, but the capacity of pipe line from Jaisamand to Udaipur city is quite low.

As of now, 26 MLD water from Fatehsagar, 26 MLD from Pichola, 21 MLD from Jaisamand and 30 MLD from Mansi Vakal is being consumed on per day basis. This year Udaipur had 728.27 mm of rain as compared to 583.5 mm of 2019.  This clearly states that we had more of rainfall and water scarcity will not arise if water is used sensibly.

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