Water level rises in Fatehsagar and Pichola lakes

Water level rises in Fatehsagar and Pichola lakes

Lakes of Udaipur are gaining back their beauty.

Water level rises in Fatehsagar and Pichola lakes

Fatehsagar and Pichola lakes are being fed by water from Akodara dam and Devas (I). By late evening on Monday, water level in these 2 important lakes of Udaipur was recorded at 9.5 feet.

As per Water Resource Department, Pichola water level has reached the scale of 9.6 feet and with Swaroop Sagar’s water entering into Fatehsagar Lake the level has gone to 9.5 feet. Fatehsagar was at 7 feet on Saturday. With the link gates being kept open, the level has seen a rise of 2.5 feet in the last 3 days.

Water level in Akodara dam was at 59 feet but now with the dam releasing its water for city’s lakes, its level has gone down to 22 feet as recorded on Monday. The level will be brought down to 10 feet more for the dam, as stated by Water Resource Department. If more water is required for lakes of Udaipur after this, then gates of Madri dam would be opened for this purpose.

Since the lakes are getting enough water supplies, their beauty has increased all the more. Lake sides are now covered with water; hence boats will be able to take longer rounds. Prior to this the boats rides had less to offer since water level had gone down. With lakes getting back their beauty, tourism is likely to gain more speed this summers.

Water supply department will not have to worry too much about drinking water. Water pumps can now pull water easily and this would also mean less pressure on electricity bill.

Beauty of Udaipur is because of its lakes, hence the name Lake City. As water level was constantly going down in the lakes, it was disturbing the look and was really disappointing for tourists. Now that the lakes have gained back their view, hopes have gone high for the oncoming tourist season.

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