Waste Accumulation Affecting Major Udaipur Lakes

Waste Accumulation Affecting Major Udaipur Lakes

Pichola, Kumhariya, Rang Sagar and Swaroop Sagar Lake are affected with filth and pollution...

Udaipur Lakes Pollution
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In a concerning turn of events, the Pichola Lake, Kumhariya Talab, Rang Sagar Lake, and Swaroop Sagar Lake, vital water sources for approximately 1.5 lakh residents of the Old City, remain engulfed in filth and pollution. The dire situation has pushed aquatic life to the brink, with oxygen levels dropping to zero. Despite the Municipal Corporation's readiness to allocate Rs 29 Crore towards an oxygen plant aimed at rejuvenating the lakes, the much-needed initiative has yet to commence. Investigations reveal that the delay is due to lack of proper inauguration.

Efforts to combat the pollution crisis have seen some light, with the Municipal Corporation installing oxygen plants and fountains in Pichola and Goverdhan Sagar lake. Spearheaded by CEO Mukesh Pujari, the project commenced in June 2023 and reached completion by January,2024 boasting improvements that could alleviate the lakes' dire conditions. The implemented measures include the installation of sets of fountains in Pichola Lake, Kumhariya Talab, Rangsagar Talab, and Goverdhan Sagar Lake. 

However, the pollution's adverse effects are increasing, particularly in Kumhariya and Rangsagar ponds, where the water has become unsuitable for aquatic life. Sewage leaks, traced to faulty sewer lines, have contributed to oxygen levels dropping to a worrying 0 percent. Furthermore, rampant algae growth impedes sunlight penetration, exacerbating the oxygen scarcity and causing distress among aquatic organisms.

While the Municipal Corporation's efforts signify a step towards mitigating the environmental crisis, the delay in launching the much-needed oxygen plant underscores the urgency for immediate action. 

2 Project Relating to Lakes are Under Construction

  1.  A project aimed at repairing the link canal between Pichola Lake and Goverdhan Sagar Lake was initiated. As part of this project, efforts were made to divert water from Pichola Lake to Goverdhan Sagar Lake, involving the cleaning of the canal. Presently, ongoing work focuses on transforming Goverdhan Sagar Lake into a new tourist destination.
  2.  Maintenance tasks, including the repair of closed wells within the Aravali Vatika of Anand Bhavan, are pending. Situated on the banks of Fateh Sagar Lake, this garden attracts a considerable number of city residents and tourists, necessitating urgent attention to upkeep.

Source: Dainik Bhaskar

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