Water Released in Pichola Lake from Reservoirs

Water Released in Pichola Lake from Reservoirs

Udaipur's lakes to quench city's thirst...

Pichola Lake

In response to the scorching summer temperatures, Udaipur city authorities have initiated measures to ensure an adequate water supply to meet the growing demand. On Wednesday, March 27, 2024,  water from various reservoirs was released. The Nandeshwar Canal was the first to contribute, followed by the opening of gates at Alsigarh and Madri reservoirs. This concerted effort aimed to channel water towards Pichola Lake, a vital water body for the city's water needs.

The released water, travelling approximately 30 kilometers in six hours, began accumulating in Pichola Lake by the evening. Presently, the water level in Pichola stands at 6.9 feet, with a capacity to rise further, poised to surpass its brim.

Despite its total storage capacity of 483 Mcft, Pichola Lake currently holds around 320 Mcft of water. The ongoing release of water from reservoirs is expected to increase Pichola's gauge by today, March 28, 2024 evening. Once Pichola Lake reaches its capacity, the surplus water will be directed into Fatehsagar Lake, a critical step in managing the city's water resources effectively.

The anticipation is high for the rejuvenation of these lakes, with expectations set for them to regain their full vigor during the upcoming monsoon season, revitalizing Udaipur's charm in the summers.

To address the escalating demand for drinking water in the city, currently at 135 million liters per day (MLD), authorities have implemented additional measures. Approximately 102 MLD of water is being supplied, but with rising temperatures, the gap between demand and supply is widening.

To bridge this gap, water release operations from Devas First, Devas Second, Alsigarh, and Madri dams into Pichola and Fatehsagar lakes have been intensified. 

Source: Rajasthan Patrika

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