Water war-Issues over water from Lake Badi

Water war-Issues over water from Lake Badi

Will Udaipur city be supplied water from Lake Badi??

Water war-Issues over water from Lake Badi

Udaipur city is facing water scarcity as the monsoon of 2018 did not provide good rains. Since then, water from the lakes of Udaipur and the dams in the district was being used. Now that the main dams and lakes are experiencing low water level, it was decided to bring in water from Lake Badi to provide some relief to the public.

Residents of Badi village opposed the steps that administration had decided to take regarding supplying water to the city. Now the residents of Gorela village came up with protest when the area was being dug up for laying pipe lines which could transport water to the city. On Tuesday Gorela residents forced the people to stop the digging. Since the rising heat was already making it difficult for the labour to carry on the digging work with ease; the issue was raised in the office of Collector. Following this, Collector Anandi appointed police force at the work site. The officers of Water resource department also reached the area. When the matter could not be sorted out peacefully, police force took control of the situation and the labour could begin their work once again. As per the directives issued by the Collector, the work must carry on no matter what the situation is.

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As per the residents of Gorela, their village must also be directly supplied with water with the same pipe line work. As per the officers of the Water resource department, the line cannot provide water directly to the village as the water is unfiltered and hence not good for drinking purpose. The officers also said that Gorela is being provided water-tanker service wherein 2 tankers are supplying water presently and this number can be increased.

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