Water continues to flow through sewerage line of lake Pichola despite authority efforts

Water continues to flow through sewerage line of lake Pichola despite authority efforts

Conservation committee spotlights ongoing wastage

Lake pIchola

Despite the involvement of the Lake Development Authority and the Smart City Company, there has been a lack of seriousness in addressing the issue of water flowing through the sewerage line of Lake Pichola. Recently, members of the Lake Conservation Committee conducted a site visit to the manhole and observed that the water is still being wasted there. These committee members emphasized the need for prompt resolution of the problem by the responsible parties.

A group of individuals including lake expert Dr. Anil Mehta, former Lake Development Authority member Tej Shankar Paliwal, Director of Gandhi Manav Kalyan Samiti Nand Kishore Sharma, Director of Abhinav Sansthan Kushal Rawal, lake enthusiast Drupad Singh, and Ramesh Chandra Rajput, who was operating the dividing machine within Lake Pichola, visited the sewer manhole. During their visit, they observed a significant volume of lake water flowing into the sewer line. Dr. Mehta explained that the wastage of lake water is a result of several factors, including flaws in the original sewer line installed in 1981, the sewer line of the Neeri Yojana in 2005, and the more recent sewerage systems established under the Amrit Yojana and Smart City Yojana.

Mehta emphasized that in order to address this issue, immediate action should be taken during periods when the lake is drained. It is essential to carry out repairs and reinforcement of the walls and ghats on the lake's interior, thereby minimizing leakage in the outward horizontal direction. He highlighted the necessity for curtain grouting at specific locations along the lake walls. He also suggested a systematic approach involving the evaluation of each unit consisting of two manholes and the connecting line between them. 

Tej Shankar Paliwal stated that both the new and old sewer lines require periodic repairs, and provisions for regular cleaning must be established. Additionally, specific manholes will be equipped with flow gauges to monitor fluctuations in the flow, allowing for better management. Nand Kishore Sharma mentioned that the process of installing sewer lines and connecting household wastewater to them is not a technically complex task. However, he emphasized that any negligence or errors at any point in the design, construction, cleaning, or maintenance stages could potentially pose dangers and risks.

Kushal Rawal pointed out that despite ongoing efforts by various governmental bodies to raise public awareness about water conservation, the oversight and negligence observed have resulted in the unnecessary outflow of hundreds of thousands of liters of lake water daily. In agreement, Drupad Singh and Ramesh Chandra conveyed their optimism that both the Lake Development Authority and the Smart City Company would promptly address and resolve this issue.

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