Water Wastage from Pichola Lake Raises Concerns

Water Wastage from Pichola Lake Raises Concerns

Udaipur Municipal Corporation has failed to address the problem...

Pichola Lake Water Wasted

Pichola Lake in Udaipur is losing thousands of liters of water daily due to a sewer line issue, despite being flagged for nearly a year by Tejashankar Paliwal, Former Lake Development Authority member . Udaipur Municipal Corporation has yet to resolve the problem. The water flows from the lake into the sewer line near Chandpole parking, ultimately ending up in the sewage tank, exacerbating the wastage.

In response to an RTI query by Paliwal in August 2023, the municipal corporation acknowledged the issue and prepared an estimate of Rs. 2.51 lakh for the necessary work. However, as of October 10, 2023, the work remains incomplete. Paliwal asserts that the water level of the lake will not decrease, suggesting that excavation outside the lake could prevent further wastage. He has brought this matter to the attention of the District Collector. Earlier assessments by Deputy Mayor Paras Singhvi and Administrative Engineer Mukesh Pujari also highlight the urgency of the situation.

Meanwhile, concerned youth researchers from various parts of the country have turned their attention to the deteriorating condition of lakes, shores, and ghats in Udaipur. Guided by the Society for Development Studies (SFD), these students are studying environmental and developmental issues. Rahul Gaur, the national head of SFDS, stressed the importance of active youth involvement in conserving and developing water bodies, including lakes and ponds. 

Insights from Dr. Anil Mehta, Tejashankar Paliwal, Nand Kishor Sharma, Kushal Rawal, Pallav Datta, Dupad Singh, and Ramesh Chandra Rajput further enriched the discussion. The dialogue concluded with a collective effort to clean up waste and garbage, demonstrating proactive engagement in addressing environmental challenges.

Source: Rajasthan Patrika

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