Weather update-Is the weather playing a seesaw game?

Weather update-Is the weather playing a seesaw game?

The constant ups and downs in the temperatures across the country are quite shocking. 
Weather update-Is the weather playing a seesaw game?
Mercury dips one day and rises the next day. This is quite a seesaw game being played by weather this year. Such fluctuations in temperatures in December were probably never witnessed before.

Weather is in a different mood this year. It probably wants to confuse people and create a new history. This is December but the constant fluctuations are somewhat confusing. Where the mornings create a chill there the afternoons are forcing people to take off the winter wear.

Friday night was comparatively warm and this is quite unexpected when December is about to end. This last month of the year has always been extremely cold but the weather cycle is shocking this year. With the pandemic era, the year 2020 has faced a lot of shocking changes and winter has opted for a seesaw game.

Thursday witnessed a drop of 0.2 degrees in the minimum temperature but Friday night saw a jump of 0.8 degrees taking it to 7.2 degrees. Maximum temperature has been beyond 25 degrees. The bright sunny afternoons were quite enough to force people to do away with woollens for some time.

It is being expected that the mercury will begin to dip in the 1st week of January which means that 2021 will be much colder, but don’t bet on it. Yet if the depression in the west takes over it would result in winter rain or mavath. Jammu&Kashmir, Himachal and Uttarakhand are likely to witness snowfall which would result in this mavath and ultimately mercury dipping process will continue.

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