Udaipur: Well-Structured Street Vending Zones to Transform Cityscape

Udaipur: Well-Structured Street Vending Zones to Transform Cityscape

District Administration Collaborates for Systematic and Organized Street Vending...


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In a bid to create a more organized and systematic environment in the city, the district administration is taking steps to regulate and structure street vending. The initiative aims to benefit both residents and street vendors, providing a well-ordered and positive atmosphere.

Visible street vendors with a standardized dress code could soon become a common sight in the city. The proposed arrangement involves vendors wearing a uniform color dress, adorned with a name and vendor number plate or barcode on their stalls. This move is expected to create a more organized and aesthetically pleasing environment in public places, streets, neighborhoods, and intersections.

The initiative, currently in the assessment phase, focuses on selecting various locations to establish thirty designated vending zones. The collaboration between the district administration, municipal corporation, and the Town Vending Committee aims to regulate street vending and streamline the daily operations of vendors.

As part of the first phase, the emphasis is on providing essential facilities such as sanitation and water supply at the selected locations. This will not only enhance the working conditions for street vendors but also contribute to overall cleanliness and hygiene in these areas.

The proposed vending zones, once approved by the Directorate of Local Self Government, Jaipur, will offer a structured platform for street vendors to conduct their business. The organized setup is expected to alleviate daily struggles and conflicts while bringing unlicensed vendors under regulation.

Points To Be Noted

  1. Instead of providing designated areas for street vendors, the municipal corporation is penalizing them. The law clearly states that vendors should be relocated to designated vendor zones first, but as of now, not a single vending zone has been established.
  2. The Town Vending Committee has been created, but there hasn't been any agreement or decision made about it yet. 
  3. The municipality has identified fewer street vendors than actually exist. 
  4. License should be given to two percent of the population. With Udaipur's population of 500,000, there should be around 12,000 street vendors. However, even half of them do not have a license. 
  5. Five percent of the smart city's budget should be used to support the growth and employment of street vendors, but no money has been spent on it so far. 

Source: Rajasthan Patrika


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