Winter or summer? What type of weather is this??

Winter or summer? What type of weather is this??

The contrast in maximum and minimum temperatures is quite surprising. 
Winter or summer? What type of weather is this??

-This is the 1st time in the past 10 years that masses in Udaipur are feeling hot during the day in the month of December. 

-Maximum temeprature recorded on Thursday 3rd December was 31.6 degrees. 

Which season is this? Is it summer or is it winter? Didn’t we just step into winter season? Why is it so hot in the afternoon? These questions are erupting in every person’s mind. There is too much of contrast in the maximum and minimum temperatures and the difference is being felt clearly as every year December brings in too much of shivers even during afternoons. The maximum temperature recorded on Thursday was 31.6 degrees which seems to have returned after a period of 10 years.

The sun is shining bright and the heat has increased as depression in the west has become active once again. The weather is dry and the maximum temperature is likely to stay between 29 and 30 with minimum between 8 to 10 degrees until December 7.

14 cities recorded maximum temperature beyond 30 degrees with Barmer topping at 34.7 degrees. Mount Abu recorded the lowest minimum temperature at 4 degrees. It is really surprising to have extreme heat in the afternoons and a good chill in the night, though it is not the kind of winter night that is usually experienced during Decembers.

As per the met department, the weather is likely to stay dry and once the northern winds start blowing again, temperatures will drop. The contrasts in the temperatures of day and night are alarming as well, since it affects health in adverse ways. It is advised that masses stay well protected and take good care of health.

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