Woman blames Principal of the Govt. School for caste discrimination after he removed her sons from the school

Woman blames Principal of the Govt. School for caste discrimination after he removed her sons from the school

She met District Collector, SP and  urges them  to look into the matter

Rishabhdeo School

Udaipur,17.07.23 - A Dalit woman blamed the principal of a government school for removing her sons from the school on caste based discrimination here at Rishabhdeo area of Udaipur.

The woman  Dungra Meghwal a resident of Krishna Ghat area of Rishabhdeo met the Superintendent of Police Udaipur Bhuwan Bhusan and the District Collector Arvind Poswal regarding the issue and demanded action against the principal.

The woman  said " I am a mother of four sons all  of them were studying at Shree Kesariya Ji Senior Secondary Government Rishabhdeo, but the new principal of the school Prakash Mandawat suddenly removed all my kids from the school by saying that he won't let the children of our caste (Meghwal) study in his school, and he also returned all the related documents and send my kids back to home only because we are Dalits".

She further said that she lives alone at the village along with her kids and her husband work as Labour at Gujarat, she want that all her kids should get good education and will get a good life in future.

District Collector Arivnd Poswal said " I met the woman today and listen to her issue, she had given a letter to me in relation to her complaints on the basis i will order the Chief Education Officer to investigate the matter and to submit the report, however it could not be possible that any teacher can remove any student from the school on the basis of his caste, further action will be taken on the basis of the investigation report ".

Sp Udaipur Bhuwan Bhushan said " The woman came to me today and presented a letter against the principal, i have directed the Station House Officer of the area to investigate the matter and report it to me, further action will be taken accordingly.

 Chief Education Officer Asha Mandawat while talking to UT said" No one can remove any student from the school in such a way, it a matter of investigation, i will talk to the concern principal and will try to get details of the matter, if the principal will be found guilty of the caste discrimination than strict action will be taken against him".

On the other hand when the principal of the Shree Kesariya Ji Senior Secondary Government School Rishabhdeo Prakash Mandawat was questioned about the allegations on him he said" I am having so many issues at the school since i took the charge as the principal of the school 4 months back, since my joining 4- 5 incidents of theft have happened, i an struggling with all that situation and amid that this allegation came on me, when i got to know that the people stealing the ration, sacks of wheat, LPG gas cylinders and other items from the school are non other than few students of the same school and they all belongs to ScST section i came in action and informed the police, the list of culprits also includes the sons of the woman blaming me, i have given the names of the culprits even to the police but no action was taken against them, so to bring them in discipline i have ordered them not to come to school so that they will get a lesson and stop creating nuisance. But instead the parents of those students started blaming me for discrimination. "

He denied from all the allegations and said that he is concerned with the growth of the students of his school and also to in increase the enrollments in the school, he had got 100 new enrollment since last 4 months and is having a target to get 100 more new enrollments. He said that no student has been removed from the school they are only stopped from coming at the school just to give a lesson to them.

He said that most of the students of the school are notorious and that is the only reason that no teacher is ready to join the school as principal of this school.

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