Ancient Wood Fossils of Akal Jaisalmer dates back 180 million years

Ancient Wood Fossils of Akal Jaisalmer dates back 180 million years

Discovering fossils of 180-million-year-old flying dinosaurs...

Fossil Park Jaisalmer

State's First Fossil Park 

A high-ranking person from the Environment Department shared that Wood Fossils of Akal Jaisalmer park has ancient remains from the Early Jurassic period, including fossils of petrophyllum, ptyllophyllum, and equisetitis species. There are also dicotyledonous wood and gastropod shells. 

Rajasthan's Dinosaur Zone at Akal Wood Park Jaisalmer, the state's first fossil park. The environment department has a plan for a cool project, including a museum and an awesome center for tourists to learn about Jurassic giants that used to roam western India. It is a great chance for both visitors and locals to check out and study these ancient wonders. 


The park is in Jaisalmer's fossil belt, a place known for cool geological stuff. They have found fossils and footprints of pterosaurs nearby. 

"There are a total of 25 petrified tree trunks. The fossils date back 180 million years. The park only has plant fossil of the era, while the department will create an opportunity to learn about Dinosaurs fossils. The work to develop the park will begin in the new financial year." he added.

Because the park is connected to finding evidence from deep seas and rivers, the department will encourage new researchers in the project. Besides discovering fossils of 180-million-year-old flying dinosaurs, other ancient objects have been found in the Jaisalmer district.

"This place (Jaisalmer region) is a mystery in itself. Fossils present here suggest that Jaisalmer was once a tropical region, and the dis- covery of seashells has intrigued researchers world- wide." said the official.

Akal Wood Fossil Park is special because it's recognized as both a national geological monument and a biodiversity heritage site in Rajasthan. The Geological Survey of India (GSI) declared it a national geological monument in 1972. The park used to be taken care of by GSI until 1985, when the state government's forest department took over its maintenance, as per the official.

Source: Times Of India

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