Worm-infested spinach sickens 25 students at Udaipur's Model Residential School

Worm-infested spinach sickens 25 students at Udaipur's Model Residential School

7 admitted to hospital

Modern Public Residential School Dhikli

After consuming a meal prepared in the hostel of the Model Residential School under the Tribal Area Development Department in Udaipur, 25 female students fell ill. They were promptly transported to the hospital for medical attention. The incident occurred on Thursday 17 August, 2023 morning when spinach vegetable was served, and it was discovered that the vegetable contained worms. The health of the affected students deteriorated following the consumption of this contaminated food. 

Early in the morning at the Dhikli Residential School, vegetables were served to students in bowls. However, worms began to emerge in the spinach vegetable. A few female students who had already consumed the meal and arrived at school reported feeling unwell to the principal. In response, Warden Ragini Sharma escorted 25 affected female students to Maharana Bhupal (MB) Hospital. Of these, 18 students were released after receiving first aid, while seven were admitted for further treatment. Presently, their health is stable. It is worth noting that the warden cooks, Pushpa and Pinky, also consumed the same vegetable. The warden mentioned that despite instructing the vendor not to supply spinach vegetables on Thursday, the same vegetable was delivered. The cooking staff had also washed the spinach before using it for preparation. The vendor sources vegetables from Savina Mandi as part of the tender awarded by the Tribal Department for this hostel. 

Meals are prepared for a total of 350 female students who reside in the hostel. These students, ranging from morning to evening, are provided with their daily meals. In addition, during the afternoon, they receive biscuits along with tea. These hostel-dwelling female students pursue their education at the school associated with the facility, with classes spanning up to the 12 grade. 

Upon receiving information, the food safety team promptly arrived at the hostel and collected samples of the food items. Additionally, the Tehsildar of Bargaon was dispatched to the location. As a precautionary step, a medical team from the Medical Department was stationed at the hostel along with an ambulance. The health of the admitted female students is satisfactory, according to Dr. RL Suman, Superintendent of MB Hospital in Udaipur. He stated that a total of 25 girl students were transported from the hostel to the hospital, where they underwent medical examination by the doctors. Out of them, seven girl students are currently admitted, and their condition has improved significantly. 

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