Udaipur District’s Youth Survives Bear Attack

Udaipur District’s Youth Survives Bear Attack

Mother bear with her cubs spotted foraging in area


Forest Department will now plant trees in the jungle

On Tuesday 7 October, 2023, morning, a youth in the Sayra Forest Range, Udaipur underwent surgery on Wednesday night after being attacked by three bears. The injured person's condition is now reported to be out of danger. On the other hand, following an investigation, the Forest Department attributed the bear attack to the bears searching for food. Officials have reported that the female bear that attacked the youth had cubs with her, making her more aggressive in such situations. Additionally, negligence on the part of the department has surfaced in the entire incident. While the department annually plants thousands of trees in the name of plantation, insufficient attention is paid to the feeding habits of wildlife.

Ranger Bhupendra Singh has highlighted that local farmers have planted a considerable number of ber trees (Indian Plum) in the surrounding fields. The bears venture out of the forest in search of ber and honey. To avert similar incidents in the future, initiatives are underway to plant ber trees within the forest area itself.

It is noteworthy that the Sayra Range is situated adjacent to Kumbhalgarh Sanctuary. Bears are commonly spotted in significant numbers in various places, including Sadri, Desuri Ki Nal, Sayara, Rankapur Ghat, and more. Over time, instances of bears crossing roads have been observed, particularly during the morning and evening hours. Efforts are being made to address these occurrences and create a more harmonious coexistence between wildlife and the local community.

The injured youth underwent surgery on Wednesday, and the department's team visited the hospital to obtain the medical report and initiate a legal case. The report reveals fractures on the youth's face and hand, and compensation is slated to be provided to the victim. Ranger Bhupendra Singh of the Sayra Range mentioned that an inspection has been completed, and the report has been submitted to the division.

Following Diwali, an awareness campaign will be launched in the village, with a focus on preventing encounters with wildlife. Restrictions will be imposed on individuals venturing alone towards the forest area during the evening and morning hours. Banas River in the Gargha block, is just 800 metres away from the forest area, posing a potential risk of wildlife encounters.

Source: Dainik Bhaskar

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