Zimbabwe's 100 Trillion Dollar Banknote Joins Udaipur Philately

Zimbabwe's 100 Trillion Dollar Banknote Joins Udaipur Philately

In 2009, Zimbabwe faced severe economic problems worsened by food shortages when the banknote was issued

Zimbabwe 100 Trillion Dollar Banknote
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In addition to his esteemed collection, Mahendra Sharma, Secretary of Mewar Philately, displays Zimbabwe's one hundred trillion dollar banknote. In January 2009, Zimbabwe issued a banknote valued at one hundred trillion dollars, or $100,000,000,000,000.

Due to hyperinflation, which is an extreme form of inflation, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe was compelled to print banknotes with increasingly higher denominations to keep up with the soaring cost of living. Despite these efforts, the crisis continued, causing serious damage to the country's economy. The Zimbabwe dollar served as Zimbabwe's currency from 1980 until 2009.

Detailed Description of the Banknote

Measuring 15 cm in length and 4 cm in width, the Zimbabwean note features a striking depiction on both sides. The obverse showcases serene landscapes with mountains and trees, while the reverse highlights a buffalo standing near a majestic waterfall. The signature of Gideon Gono, then Governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, along with the inscription "Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, Harare," adorns the note.

Since April 12, 2009, Zimbabwe ceased using the Zimbabwean dollar and switched to foreign currencies, including the United States dollar and the Euro.


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