6 months of superlative dedicated indigenious effort - 18kg weight loss

6 months of superlative dedicated indigenious effort - 18kg weight loss

Meet Afsha Qutub from Udaipur, 48 years of age and an example of persistence.

before and after self disciplined weight loss self trained

Afsha is a proof of concept in self-discipline and commitment.

Meet Afsha Qutub from Udaipur. Afsha is 48 years old and like any other woman on the better side of 40, had to deal with body weight, which was adding to her bulge and refusing to budge.

Afsha took a call during the lockdown - that of attacking this problem on her own. With research and advice from friends, family and an encouraging husband by her side, Afsha managed to knock of more than 18 kgs of excess weight, leaving her looking 15 years younger, happier and fitter.

In her interaction with UdaipurTimes, Afsha said that when she was suffering from weight gain, she had all the problems accompanying a flab filled body that the structure cannot manage. Her knees were buckling under her 75kg weight. Tremendous knee pain, fatigue and lower back pain resulted in a condition where she could not walk for more than 2km at a stretch. Her body felt loose and tired the entire day and she was unable to work for even shorter stretches, leave alone the entire day.

It was during the lockdown, that she, after consulting with her husband and getting encouragement, took up a dedicated single minded campaign, that of challenging herself to reduce her weight. What resulted after the 6 month concentrated effort was a lean, young and fit body, that was now operating between 55-56kg!!

At the end of this effort that included yoga, jogging and structured eating and a healthy diet, Afsha is now happy with her increased stamina, ability to run and walk at longer stretches. Her controlled intake of calories over 6 months, coupled with a daily regimen of walking 45 minutes of running, Yoga, 45 minutes of weight training and avoiding sweets and fast foods has given her renewed confidence in herself and gone is the lethargy. She has almost rid herself of the nagging lower back pain, fatigue and the consistent recurring knee pain.

A proof of concept in self discipline and commitment.

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